The story behind the idea

I dream of a society that practices, in fact, the good! A society that gives itself to the needs of others before obtaining its own benefits.” 
CBC – Creator of Yoseph

What does Yoseph mean?

Your Opportunity to Step up and Embrace PHilanthropy

About Us

Yoseph is an application that grew out of the idea of volunteer work. With this application, you have the opportunity to join great causes and do good by donating to any entity registered in Yoseph. All donated value goes directly to the entity, except for transaction fees.

And you get rewards for it!

That’s right! You are rewarded for giving! Your donation turns into points and your points turn into reward coupons!

Where can you use your reward coupons?

You use these discount coupons at any Yoseph partner store. Simply present this coupon to the store, directly in the application, or enter the generated code while purchasing online.

Make the most of making a difference!